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Why should I choose Colorado Pirate Adventures?

The short answer is our commitment to providing you with the best snowmobile experience in Southwestern Colorado. We have an unparalleled dedication to your safety and enjoyment. When you call, we talk to you and answer all your questions. Making sure your snowmobile adventure is an awesome experience is as important to us as it is to you.

When do you offer tours?

Colorado Pirate Adventures operates seven days a week (having our outpost 10,800 ft. has its advantages). We receive over 300 inches of snow a year on average, a great snowpack for snowmobile tours.

Is snowmobiling safe?

Snowmobiling is an outdoor adventure sport with an element of inherent risk, and it is possible to be injured. Is it dangerous? No, but no reputable outfitter should tell you it is absolutely safe. The uncontrolled and sometimes unpredictable elements of the backcountry are part of the thrill. The terrain variability is a factor, but, statistically, you are more likely to be injured playing basketball. An experienced outfitter familiar with the varying conditions likely to be encountered can greatly minimize risks. The use of alcohol or illegal drugs before or during a trip is both illegal and forbidden. Anyone under the influence will be removed from a trip without refund.

What should we bring?

Wear your ski and snowboard clothing or winter weather clothing to keep you warm. We recommend snow pants, jackets, boots, gloves and warm layers. Colorado Pirate Adventures provides complimentary helmets that are thoroughly disinfected between each use. Goggles are required and will be available for purchase on-site. Colorado Pirate Adventures encourages you to bring your own goggles, water and snacks on the trail. Sunscreen is recommended.

Who can go snowmobiling?

Riding with Colorado Pirate Adventures is easy and it does not require previous experience. The weight limit per snowmobile is 400 lbs. If you arrive at our location with a double sled booked and you exceed the weight limit then you will be automatically switched and charged for two single sleds. To operate your own snowmobile you must be sixteen with a valid drivers license; you must be eighteen to be a driver with a passenger. Colorado Pirate Adventures requires all riders to be at least 4 years old. Otherwise, those who are young at heart are welcome!

What about medical conditions?

Use your common sense or that of your physician. Snowmobiling is not recommended for persons with serious medical conditions exacerbated by altitude changes. Pregnant women are not allowed to go snowmobiling. We are able to accommodate most differently abled people. If you have specific concerns please let us know and our office staff will be glad to help you determine a suitable trip. Failure to disclose serious conditions on your release waiver and to a staff member can result in injury or death. Bring any required medications with you and your guide will safely store them for you during your trip if you cannot.

How do I make a reservation?

Please call us at (970) 247-3706 to speak with one of our team members for a reservation! Reservations are required. We accept all credit cards.

How do I make a reservation for a DURANGO & SILVERTON NARROW GAUGE RAILROAD package?

Please call 1-888-TRAIN-07 to schedule a train ride and snowmobile tour package with D&SNGR's reservationists.

What if it snows?

We hope it snows! Colorado Pirate Adventures will determine the safety of all tours and reserves the right to alter them based on weather and terrain conditions. The Colorado Department of Transportation keeps an updated website for all Colorado road travel and weather conditions, You are responsible for your transportation.

What is your cancellation policy?

A great deal of preparation accompanies your reservation requiring the following cancellation policy: Reservation deposits (50%) are nonrefundable but the remaining balance may be refundable if cancelled more than 72 hours (3 days) before reservation date. Cancellations inside 72 hours of tour or rental departures are not subject to refund and will be charge the full balance. No-shows and late arrivals are not eligible for refunds. Although we may allow a one-time change within the same year based upon availability and circumstance. ​

Is tipping expected?

Tips are accepted and appreciated. The difference between a good snowmobiling trip and a great snowmobiling trip frequently is the guide. If you are inclined to tip a good reference is how you would tip in a restaurant.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, you can purchase a gift certificate all year through our office.

Do you hold a permit?

Colorado Pirate Adventures holds a permit with the Gunnison Field Office of the BLM and with the Town of Silverton, CO.

Silverton Outpost

Rock Pirates Backcountry
957 Greene St.
Silverton, CO 81433

Lake City Outpost

Rock Pirates Backcountry
173 S Gunnison Ave
Lake City, CO 81235

Winter Outpost

Ice Pirates Backcountry
Molas Lake Trail Parking Lot
Mile Marker 65, Highway 550

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